The Company’s Rather Brilliant World & Wallet Saving Items (MGVT Eco)

The rate of waste in the modern world is terrifying, compounded by dramatic over-population. MGVT has a great aversion to waste in general, and, one of the more impressive ways we want to tackle our own waste and that of the world, is in providing you the therapeutic and mentally satisfying activity of saving money.

Our new department Eco will house our special collection of products meant to save on waste & over mass production and save you money. Constantly having to buy disposable or single use items has a heavy impact on your finances and world resources. By providing you with such an easy option we hope to create the win win situation, of saving you money and global resources.

This is a newly launched department, we will be adding to it gradually over time as we diligently pursue the best products to provide for you.


Creating Wish lists with Pocket & Pinterest

How MGVT handles Wish lists is unique among major e-commerce companies, read on to discover how we have arranged ourselves and why you may think its much better than the competition.

The wishlist is a common feature among online shops, helping customers to keep a list of the items they intend to purchase in the future. However most integrations of the Wishlist are limited in what they can achieve, resulting in a very basic and rather forgettable experience. At MGVT we have changed the way we work Wishlists and enhance the experience for you.

Our history of being Tailors means we are particularly adept at designing, making and cutting to make something extraordinary out of something quite ordinary. It is in this spirit that we cut our own Wishlist in order to make a better experience for you. You can still create a wishlist, on Pocket or Pinterest, which creates a much better place for you to curate and share your favourite items from MGVT.


Our top pick to handle your wishlist, Pocket allows you to save content from anywhere and create your own space filled with everything you want or want to learn.

Under the share options on each item page, select pocket and add the tag or create a new tag ‘MGVT Wishlist’. Everything you add to Pocket is private, however you can share to your recommend list, Twitter and Facebook for when you want to let people know what to get you for your birthday, Christmas etc.

You can also further organise your Wishlist by adding attributes such as: Home, Fashion, etc. or Occasions: Christmas Wish list/ Birthday Wish list.

Pocket is also integrated with Firefox web browser – just hit the Pocket icon to add to your lists!

Discover Pocket


Pinterest is one of the best spaces on the web to curate your favourite items and discover new things, and works amazingly well for your Wishlist.

Create a new board such as ‘MGVT Wishlist’ then as with the instruction above, under the share options click the Pinterest icon and choose your Wishlist board. Again, you can further organise and share your content with extra boards such as: Home, Fashion, Gadgets etc.

The Benefits of using Pocket/ Pinterest for your Wishlist

Your Wish lists are now easily searchable, allowing you to organise them in a way that suits you. They are now much more shareable, with your followers, friends and family. Allowing you to share more of what you love, and what makes you unique, online.

Your MGVT wishlists can now be in your favourite spaces online, and on your favourite apps which you use during your leisure time.

Christmas 2019 Shopping Guide for MGVT

Christmas 2019 Shopping with MGVT+

With MGVT+ you can get Same Day Delivery where available or next day delivery. Which means you could buy last minute presents even on Christmas Eve. Your MGVT+ courier will be in contact with you via mobile to arrange a time that suits you, so you don’t need to wait in, also, you could have your item delivered to your office etc. For next day delivery we choose either before 9am or 1pm, we will text you asking which one you would prefer.

Keep your 2019 Christmas Shopping Private with MGVT Premier

Shop with MGVT Premier and keep your shopping history off your credit or debit account. You can even get helpful Christmas Gift ideas from your account manager. Your account manager can also guide teens & kids to smarter gift buying.

MGVT Christmas 2019 Gift Cards

Save time & money buy buying an MGVT Christmas Gift Card this year. You get a free Greetings card and free postage anywhere within the UK. You also have the option to send very last minute eGift Cards right up to 10pm on Christmas Eve for delivery on Christmas Day, Just add #cday to your notes area!

We do hope you continue to enjoy shopping with MGVT

Featured Items with Same Day Delivery

How would you teach your kids the value of money & Christmas?

How to Create an account on MGVT for Kids & Teens for Christmas.

It’s rather easy to help your kids enjoy one of the best aspects of Christmas while helping them gain confidence with money. When you purchase their initial gift card (which they can then use as their own ‘virtual eCard’)- you can then use the unique ID code to top up the balance on the card. They are then free to browse our global range of products to buy their gifts this Christmas, all with the support and advice of their MGVT account manager.

Be sure to create an account for them, so they don’t miss out on their personalised help with managing their money, gift selection and advice from their own dedicated account manager. This support will also continue after Christmas throughout the lifetime of the account. Helping them gain confidence with money, avoidance of emotional spending which can lead to debt, and something that MGVT are experts at – the art of good purchasing.

Teaching the art of good purchasing.

It’s not always the case that frugally saving money is better, as money that’s forever sat in a bank helps nobody other than the bankers. True financial power comes from being a good purchaser. From buying at the right time for now and the future, to buying at the right price for the right quality and service. This includes sales, especially Black Friday sales which often lead to particularly bad buys, as they play on the emotion and the idea that what you are buying is a good deal because its in a sale (there are many, many bad deals during Black Friday on other retailers sites).

With MGVT their account manager can personally guide them, instilling a confidence with money that comes from becoming a good purchaser.

Let your kids buy gifts for their loved ones and enable your 8-18 year old to enjoy a new experience and confidence with money this Christmas.

Introducing Sketches

We are rather pleased to introduce something most interesting for our loyal customers: MGVT Sketches.

MGVT Sketches is a revival of the popular genre invented in the 16th century in England. A sketch story, literary sketch or simply sketch, is a piece of writing that is generally shorter than a regular book. The genre was invented as a result of increasing public interest in realistic depictions of “exotic” locales. The term was most popularly used in the late nineteenth century. As a literary work, it is also often referred to simply as a sketch, and is mainly descriptive, e.g.. of places (travel sketch) or of people (character sketch).

In the nineteenth century, sketch stories were frequently published in magazines, before falling out of favour. Such stories may focus on individual moments, leaving the reader to imagine for themselves the events that led to this occasion, and to wonder what events will follow.
Writers from Sherwood Anderson to John Updike used this form, often as a hybrid. In short, a sketch story aims at “suggestiveness rather than explicitness”.

MGVT Sketches are also Inspired by Alfred Harmsworth’s Halfpenny Marvels, story papers with a focused theme and defined length – usually 40,000 words, and with the same focus on providing “pure, healthy literature”.

MGVT Sketches are just perfect for:

  • Bedtime reading. Where long novels may disrupt sleep, MGVT Sketches are just the right length to provide light entertainment.
  • The daily commute. You could read a new story, discover a new place or learn something most interesting each day of the working week.
  • Travelling. Read a travel sketch of far away locations, all the while not becoming too lost in a novel that you miss the many wonders happening around you. The brevity and suggestive nature of MGVT sketches make them a travellers best friend.
  • Anytime!

Look forward to discovering a rich new genre as we revive old classics and create new ones!

Please take a look at some of the latest MGVT Sketches.