How would you teach your kids the value of money & Christmas?

How to Create an account on MGVT for Kids & Teens for Christmas.

It’s rather easy to help your kids enjoy one of the best aspects of Christmas while helping them gain confidence with money. When you purchase their initial gift card (which they can then use as their own ‘virtual eCard’)- you can then use the unique ID code to top up the balance on the card. They are then free to browse our global range of products to buy their gifts this Christmas, all with the support and advice of their MGVT account manager.

Be sure to create an account for them, so they don’t miss out on their personalised help with managing their money, gift selection and advice from their own dedicated account manager. This support will also continue after Christmas throughout the lifetime of the account. Helping them gain confidence with money, avoidance of emotional spending which can lead to debt, and something that MGVT are experts at – the art of good purchasing.

Teaching the art of good purchasing.

It’s not always the case that frugally saving money is better, as money that’s forever sat in a bank helps nobody other than the bankers. True financial power comes from being a good purchaser. From buying at the right time for now and the future, to buying at the right price for the right quality and service. This includes sales, especially Black Friday sales which often lead to particularly bad buys, as they play on the emotion and the idea that what you are buying is a good deal because its in a sale (there are many, many bad deals during Black Friday on other retailers sites).

With MGVT their account manager can personally guide them, instilling a confidence with money that comes from becoming a good purchaser.

Let your kids buy gifts for their loved ones and enable your 8-18 year old to enjoy a new experience and confidence with money this Christmas.

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